Red & Blue Zellige

Zellige mosaics

folder_openHistory & Archeology, Technical Videos
A tradition dating back 12 centuries Zellige is the name given to the ornate and colourful mosaics that can be admired in many elegant buildings around North Africa and the Middle East. Temple Mount mosque in Jerusalem The craft originated in Fez, Morocco, in the late 8th century and it…
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Mounting a mosaic on wood

Mounting a Mosaic on Wood.

folder_openHow to Mosaic, Technical Videos
Ancient mosaics were directly built or mounted on stone and concrete substrates. I usually mount my mosaics on framed concrete boards, Hardi Backer in the USA and Vedi boards in Europe. I glue the mosaics on their support with thinset mortar and later fill up the gap between the tesserae…
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Double color simulations on Asian Face mosaic model

How to Mosaic : Color Simulations on Opus Pixellatum model

folder_openHow to Mosaic, Technical Videos
Opus Pixellatum is an amazingly versatile way to create mosaics. From one model the mosaicist can create many different mosaics. The possibilities are practically unlimited. Variations can be as basic as a systematic change of colors (Gray to Bluescale for example) to much more sophisticated manipulations involving other mosaic techniques…
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The Art of Mosaic

folder_openShows & Events
I am very pleased to announce that my work will be featured at The Peanut Gallerie From next August 22nd onto September 28th While “The Art of Mosaics” will of course feature many of my mosaics, some of them never seen until now, you will also be able to see,…
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Alabama's Biggest liquid mosaic logo

A Liquid Mosaic

folder_openCommunity Projects, Shows & Events
2009 – a liquid mosaic In 2009, Alyson Lyons created in Australia a liquid mosaic portrait of Mona Lisa. I reported the event in my previous blog post : Mona Lisa mosaic created with cups of coffee. Mona Lisa liquid mosaic, Sydney, Australia, 2009 3,604 cups of coffee and 564…
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9 individual mosaics realized during the workshop

Fun at Bee Auburn Mosaic Seminar

folder_openClasses & Seminars
Introductory Mosaic Seminar Many participants enjoyed building their first mosaic at the Bee Auburn Mosaic Seminar last Friday June 22, 2018 at the beautiful Auburn Arboretum. Texas Red Star Hibiscus at Auburn Arboretum   We had set up tables under the pavilion for the seminar due to start at 5:00…
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