Beauty Made Manifest, Sentiments set in Stone

Existing Mosaics

Many mosaics are available at my studios in Alabama or in France. Most of them are visible on my Website.


A mosaic you saw on the website is no longer available ? You have a crush on a piece, but would like it with something different ? You want a portrait ? Contact me, I will work from your picture or what you expected.

Custom Mosaic Patterns

You want to realize your own mosaic but do not know how to build a model ? I will build the model for you based on your specifications and will help you in your choice of materials to realize the piece.

Educations, Classes and Seminars

This is mostly aimed at confirmed amateur mosaic artists. I will train you in Opus Pixellatum technique, and provide advices for your own experimentation. I’ll guide and assist you on this fascinating journey of discoveries.

Community Projects

Mosaics are an amazing medium to bring adults or kids to work together on a project to beautify their community. Every participants built a small personal mosaic which was then incorporated in a bigger piece. I will assist you in the technical as well as organizational aspects of this kind of project.

Sale of Derivatives

Some of my mosaics can be printed on Paper or Canvas, T-shirts, mugs or other supports and can be ordered through the shop.

Nathalie & Aaron's kids

Inspired by the Art of the past Masters, I create mosaics in the respect of the techniques and materials they used. When I cut or lay my tesserae, I am one of them. Beyond time, I am in communion with them. And when I look at one of my completed pieces, I’d like to think that they would approve of it.

Opus Tesselatum

Opus Tessellatum was the most commonly used technique in the production of Hellenistic, Roman, early Christian, and Byzantine mosaics. In this technique the mosaic is made from tesserae that larger than 4 mm. These tesserae are laid in lines following the contours of the pattern the artist wants to represent.

The Reverse Methode

It’s a method where we build mosaics upside down. Once all the tesserae have been laid, we cover them with thinset mortar and position a backing support on top of them. After a while, we lift the whole thing, flip it, and see the mosaic for the first time.

Opus Pixellatum (My Own Technique)

In 2015, I designed a new technique to lay the tesserae. I wanted to produce a series of portraits and tried to figure out a way to speed up the laying process. In Opus Pixellatum, all tesserae are squares of the same dimensions. There are no cut. In fact, Opus Pixellatum turned out to be an extremely versatile technique allowing many variations. From the same model it is possible to build very different mosaics.

Frederic LECUT

Born in Northern France in 1957, I studied Engineering and pursued an international career for many years. Since 2003 I have been designing and building mosaics allying the best of both 1st century Roman Mosaic expertise and 21st century digital techniques. I design my models on computers and build them with the tools Roman craftsmen  were using 2000 years ago.  By educating people about Mosaic Art, I also thrive to pass the ancestors’ spirit of technical and humanistic excellence to new generations of artists and creators.

I hope my work inspires people for a long time…




Nathalie STEPHENS ‘s Testimonial

I love that Fred combined two of my favourite pictures of my children to make one mosaic. Ella Marie was 3 at the time the original pictures were taken and Davis Layne was 4 days shy of his first birthday. I loved both of the pictures because they capture my…

Yoko HAMADA HOLLYFIELD’s Testimonial – Tesshu’s Dragon and Tiger

I love Mr. Lecut’s art work very much. These two Chinese characters (tiger and dragon) are originally written by Yamaoka Tesshue, the master of calligraphy, zen, and martial arts. It’s amazing to see that sensitive brush work in calligraphy can be transferred into the mosaics so brilliantly. I am sure…

Carole & Philippe HUORT’s testimonial

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Testimonial of Carole & Philippe, two happy collectors : We recently moved down to Provence, and having a drink by the pool has become one of our favorite routines! 🍸🍷🍹 We needed a table worthy of these little pleasures, and Frédéric came to our rescue! We gave him carte blanche…

Becky SIMKINS’s Testimonial

Frederic Lecut of Mosaic Blues has completed the installation of my commissioned piece in my kitchen. It is so beautiful and incorporates the colours of my home. Looking forward to sharing it with visitors! Becky SIMKINS, Dothan, Alabama