Carole & Philippe HUORT’s testimonial

Testimonial of Carole & Philippe, two happy collectors :

We recently moved down to Provence, and having a drink by the pool has become one of our favorite routines! 🍸🍷🍹

We needed a table worthy of these little pleasures, and Frédéric came to our rescue!

We gave him carte blanche to design this work!

I was a in charge of beverages in my class, and that’s what inspired the design of this mosaic, in addition to the fact that it would be essentially used for the aperitif!

Dionysos and Ariane are therefore now part of our privileged moments under the sun of Provence. 🌞

This mosaic fits perfectly into the decor and we are very happy to have accepted Frédéric’s proposal!

Carole & Philippe Huort, Forcalquier

Happy owners of the Dionysos and Ariadne mosaic table

Enjoying the first aperitif - testimonial
July 2022
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