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Carole & Philippe HUORT’s testimonial

Testimonial of Carole & Philippe, two happy collectors : We recently moved down to Provence, and having a drink by the pool has become one of our favorite routines! 🍸🍷🍹 We needed a table worthy of these little pleasures, and Frédéric came to our rescue! We gave him carte blanche…
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happy new year from mosaicblues

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Y’all ! Bringing you this lovely 4th century Greek mosaic from Halicarnassus, Turkey, with my best wishes of “Health, Life (Longevity), Joy, Peace, Contentment (Good Cheer), Hope”. I have been quite busy working on the new house, lots of improvement to make in this 200 years old…
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Black swimmer mosaic

The black swimmer mosaic (mosaique au nageur noir) was discovered in August 1991, at the intersection of rue Général-Perrier with rue Auguste in Nimes, France. Black swimmer mosaic, Musée archéologique de Nîmes A black swimmer and dolphin the main figurative part of this mosaic are the black silhouettes of a…
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watercolor of a mosaic found at Cieutat, displyed at the Elusa museum

Mosaic Trip – July 2022

A few times a year I take a mosaic trip. There’s of course plenty to see around the Roman Empire. Roman Empire in 117 AD But for the past 3 years, I stayed in France and Germany. Last July I delivered my Ariadne and Dionysos mosaic in Provence. I had…
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Merry Summer Solstice to you’all

To celebrate Summer Solstice I curated a few mosaic personifications of Summer ! Because agriculture was the main source of wealth in Rome, the 4 seasons were a favourite theme of Roman mosaics. Four Horae (Seasons) usually decorated the corners of a main mosaic Winter (Latin Hiems – Greek Cheimon)…
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The Gallo-Roman mosaic of Doulaincourt

A Gallo_Roman mosaic discovered by a railroad company employees In 1887, during construction work on a railway line, the remains of a villa and a gallo-roman mosaic were discovered in Doulaincourt, Haute marne. Local archaeologists visited the site. Here below is the report of their investigations: The Société Générale des…
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Work in Process, May 2022

Since I’ve moved back to the Holy land of France about 8 month ago, the only mosaics of mine I shared in this blog are my little Ukrainian flag mosaics. (BTW, I mounted 3 more of them yesterday along the river’s bank! :)) I did not give up ! Please…
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Squares and Octagons on a Daphne mosaic.

I am reverting this week to publishing the geometric mosaic models I have been drawing for the past year ! A geometric mosaic medallion from Daphne The mosaic model of this week 20  (May 19 to 25) is a drawing (actually a set of drawings) I made of an intricate…
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Week 18 mosaic model : A deer stomping a snake.

From the Eastern Church of Theodorias The mosaic drawing of this week 18 (May 2 to May 8) is my drawing of a mosaic showing Deer (or a stag) stomping and biting a snake.. The original mosaic was a square medallion from the floor mosaic of the Eastern Church of…
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