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Wearable Art at MosaicBlues

No Big Piece in the tube ! I have not been working on big pieces in a while. Carola Sexta has been waiting in the Yard since last spring and I have been concentrating wearable art. These smaller pieces may require just as much effort to produce as big ones,…
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Roman mosaic patterns : the Rosace of Portici

A Roman mosaic relocated in a 18th century palace. The Royal Palace of Portici was built in the 18th century a few kilometers Southeast of Naples, Italy. It  is located right by the Roman town of Herculanum, destroyed with Pompeii in 79 AD. When building the foundations of the palace…
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Melek Taus

Yezidi Mosaics in DC

A genocide. When ISIS started their eradication campaign against the Yezidi people in 2014 they murdered a great number of boys and men and systematically enslaved and raped women and girls. Several hundreds of them are still missing. Many Yezidi escaped the terror by trekking through arid lands and became…
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Byzantine mosaics of Notre Dame de la Garde.

The modern byzantine mosaics of Notre-Dame de la Garde perfectly illustrate how mosaics were incorporated in the Neo-Byzantine sacred architecture of the 19th century. Built on top of the highest natural peak of the area, Notre Dame de la Garde, also known as “La Bonne Mere” – the good mother…
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Grout coloring

Grout color is important. Beside protecting the mosaic, grout has a visual function. Just like the frame of a painting brings attention to it, grout is there to get people’s attention to the actual tiles. There are many theories about how you should use various colors to achieve different visual…
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Principles of Opus Pixellatum

Basics of grayscale Opus Pixellatum This a first post of a series dedicated to my Opus Pixellatum Technique © and the many variations it allows. It resshuffles a post created in my first mosaic blog a few years ago… This first post describes the original, basic Opus Pixellatum technique as…
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The Art of Mosaic

I am very pleased to announce that my work will be featured at The Peanut Gallerie From next August 22nd onto September 28th While “The Art of Mosaics” will of course feature many of my mosaics, some of them never seen until now, you will also be able to see,…
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August in mosaics

August in the Julian Calendar In 46 BC. Julius Cesar instaured a 365-day solar calendar (plus a 366 every four years). Our modern western calendar is based upon it. Mosaic of the seasons, El Djem, Tunisia AUGUST Before the adoption of the Julian calendar, August was the sixth month of…
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Grouts and Thinsets

Grouts, Thinsets, and when to use them. Before synthetic adhesives were invented, since the beginning of the Art, floor layers and mosaicists have been using cement based Thinset Mortars and Grouts. This articles is about these materials and when to use them. It is not about how to use them.…
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Roman mosaics in Germany – Nennig

Visiting the Nennig mosaic was my first goal in a trip I took in June 2019 to Northeastern France and Western Germany. I give practical information about this trip (itinerary, accommodations, costs…) in my previous post “Mosaics of Northeastern Gaul” NENNIG 2000 years ago the Moselle valley became part of…
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