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An unemployed mosaicist I have been mosaically unemployed for a year… In January 2020, I flew back to Alabama from France. I had just learned I was going to be a grandfather in August ! This grand child was going to be the first of his or her generation. 2020…
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Close up of cone mosaic_Uruk, Mesopotamia

Cone mosaics

Cone mosaics are the oldest known mosaics in the world They were used in Southern Mesopotamia (present day Iraq) to decorate monumental raw mud-brick Palaces and Temples built between 3500 and 3000 BC. Baked clay cones for tesserae,  plaster as thinset. Cone mosaics were built with small cones made of…
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Volubilis mosaics – Part Deux

In 2017, I started to travel to see mosaic I had been dreaming of for many years. Twice a year I would go back to Europe and then go to Spain, Portugal, Germany… You realize of course that almost wherever you can find Roman mosaics, there you’ll also find good…
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Mosaic models : how to line up things

Accuracy in mosaic models In the same way you do not build houses without blueprints, you should not build mosaics without a mosaic models. Accurate ones… Some brilliant people may be able to create amazing mosaics without models. I am not one of them. Some houses collapse, some mosaics turn…
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The Aquitaine school of mosaics

Roman mosaics of Southwestern France The Aquitaine school of mosaics refers to a regional mosaic style followed by itinerant teams of mosaicists during the 4th and 5th century. Its regional center was located in Gallia Aquitania. Gallia Aquitania, 125 AD A distinctive and evolutive style The style of this Aquitaine…
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Mosaic modules

Modular mosaics Techniques commonly used in digital drawing can be used in mosaic building. You can produce and use mosaic modules in a manner very similar to this Copy & Paste digital technique. And you can later assemble these modules to complete a bigger piece. This is true for geometric…
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Mosaic Models

You can’t build mosaics ? Draw mosaic models ! MosaicBlues moves to France After 30 years in Alabama, I decided to move back to France. there are many reasons for this move, but my granddaughter Rose is the most important ! Rose ! And then of course there are also…
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The Nika Riots

Those who don’t know history are doomed to see it repeated. A little thread about the deadly Nika riots illustrated with mosaics… The Nika Riots : 6th century hooliganism The Nika riots took place against Emperor Justinian I in Constantinople over the course of a week in 532 AD. Constantinople…
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Mosaic of the Greek Philosophers, Autun_Anacreon

The Mosaic of the Greek Philosophers in Autun

The astonishing 2nd century mosaic of the Greek Philosophers was discovered in 1965 and 1990 in Autun, France. A city founded by the First Emperor Autun (Augustodunum) was founded during the Principate era of the early Roman Empire by Emperor Augustus to give the powerful Gallic people Aedui a Roman…
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Designed after Mezin engraved swastika

Permanence of Patterns – the Swastika symbol

This is my second article about permanence of patterns illustrated in mosaic art. In this one, we will review the Swastika symbol. A very ancient symbol The earliest known use of the swastika symbol was discovered in Ukraine carved on a 11,000-year-old ivory figurine of a bird made from mammoth…
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