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Roman Tile – 005 – Aquileia

The Basilica Santa Maria de Assunta in Aquileia, Italy started as a Church immediately after 313 AD. when the Edict of Milan put an end to religious persecution. From that day, the Christian community was allowed to build its first place of public worship. After the destruction of the first…
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4x4 design - Roman Tile - 13 - Saint Romain en Gal

Roman Tile – 13 – St Romain en Gal

Capital of the Allobroges The City of Vienne is one of France’s biggest repositories of Roman Tile work.  Located 35 km (22 miles) South of Lyon, Vienne was originally the capital of the Allobroges, a powerful Gallic tribe controlling the commerce between Provence, Switzerland and Northern Gaul. Conquered in 121…
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Meleager and Atalanta mosaic, unknown provenace, 1st to 3rd centuryAD

Meleager and the Calydon boar

Mythology and Hunting were a great source of inspiration for Roman mosaicists. The story of Meleager and Atalanta combines both mythological and hunting themes. We have several mosaic representations of it from San Pedro del Arroyo in Spain, Halicarnassus in Turkey Today let us have a look at the story…
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Roman Tile 202 – Lalonquette

South of the Loire River, the Empire lasted… While Britain and Northern Gaule had been lost for the Empire since the late 3rd century, Roman culture and values were still very much alive south of the Loire River. In Aquitania, Roman Villas were still occupied and gorgeous mosaics still being…
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Roman Tile – 203 – Lalonquette

The Gallo-Roman villa of Lalonquette Close to the Roman road from Aire-sur-l’Adour (Vicus Iluii) to Lescar (Beneharmun), on the edge of the Gabas river, the Villa of Lalonquette is a well preserved example of an aristocratic establishment from the late antiquity of Aquitania. The site was occupied from the 1st…
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Roman Tile - 04 - Acholla

Roman Tile – 04

An other gorgeous but no so simple Roman pattern This Roman Tile 04 is quite elegant and gives an impression of volume. Here is an example using the 3 basic  Red, White and Yellow colors Roman Tile – 04, 3×2 elements This pattern, or some variations of it, has been…
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MosaicBlues at East River

MosaicBlues scarves are at East River I am so honored East River now carries some of my creations, beside the works of so many other talented artists and craftsmen. For the past 5 years I have been traveling the late Roman empire to study, research and document Roman mosaics, with…
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Ktisis byzantine mosaic, unknown provenance, Met Museum

Ktisis in early Byzantine mosaics

Ktisis – the process of becoming in 5th and 6th century Byzantine mosaics. The personification of Ktisis often appears in different contexts, religious as well as profane, in floor mosaics of the 5th and 6th centuries in  Eastern and African cities of the Byzantine empire. Ktisis medallion, mosaic of the…
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Roman Tile-087 - Timgad, Algeria.

Roman Tile – 087

An other gorgeously simple Roman mosaic pattern. This is an other simple and elegant pattern. Its architecture allows for 3 colors to be used. Roman Tile – 087, 3 x 2 elements This pattern has been used in many places, among them Timgad, the ancient Colonia Marciana Ulpia Traiana Thamugadi…
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