Hello I’m Frederic Lecut. I make beautiful mosaics for homes, kitchens, schools, and community projects. My work can be seen throughout Alabama, the Southern US, and Europe.

A few times each year, I take on commission work. These are typically home projects like these:

If you would like to commission a mosaic, this is the process:

  • Send me a picture of the space or area where you would like the mosaic.
  • Share your idea of what you want.
  • I will share a draft drawing or computer rendering of the mosaic with you, complete in context so you can see it in your space, and you can offer feedback.
  • Once we agree on the project, you pay 50% deposit and I go to work.
  • We deliver and install the mosaic in your space and show you how to care for it

If you are interested in commissioning a mosaic, please join our mailing list below and I will let you know when I have my next opening. (You can also insert a picture in that form that you would like transform in mosaics).  Do not hesitate to call me directly on the phone (+33 7 83 89 72 49) to discuss your project together.