January Mosaics

January Mosaics under Ducks supervision !

A French expression for “It’s freezing cold” is “It’s ducking cold” Do you know why we say that? Of course you don’t, so I’ll tell you. Ducks enjoy cold! Mallards – one of which appears on one of the January 2024 mosaics – in particular love it!
The temperature can drop 10 below freezing, the damn birds feast and revel in the water of the Becquerel, the small river which flows in front of my house.They dive and frolic and have fun like crazy while we freeze our bottoms (and I remain polite).
What relationship with mosaics will you tell me? It’s very simple: I have not yet been able to install a workshop in my barns after the Ciaran damaged my roofs. And working outdoors is out of the question. below 10 degrees centigrade, fingers quickly become numb. And you can’t use mortars and joints below 15 degrees.
So I set up a makeshift workshop in my dining room. (Celibacy is sometimes good!) And in January, I went on with several projects started last fall.

Ducks & Geese mosaics

  • The Mallard duck chair
    La chaise au colvert : une des mosaïques de Janvier 2024
    The duck chair seat (not yet mounted)
  • The Egyptian goose chair
    The Egyptian goose, just completed.


Musicians mosaics

  • Sax players to the Left

  • Saxplayers to the Right
    Joueurs de saxophones - la dernière des mosaïques de Janvier 2024
    Sax players mosaic, reverse method, mirror image


Being executed in Reverse Method, what you see here above are the backsides of the mosaics, the part that will be glued to the supports.  The final colors will be different

I’ll mount the duck and goose mosaics seats inside wrought iron frames I brought back from Alabama. Those gorgeous frames include swan heads. That is why I chose to represented a duck and a goose on each of them.  I designed the duck after a mosaic from the Villa dei mosaici Spello in Italy and the goose after a mosaic discovered in Uzes in the French Cevennes in 2017.

As for the saxophone players, they are a bigger re-edition of a festive mosaic I created in 2008,now at mu friend’s Julie in Auburn. Alabama.

Sax Players 2008

Later this spring, When the polar bears are gone, I’ll mount everybody on their supports.


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