Spring mosaics

Spring does not seem to be in a hurry to show up…

So I thought sharing a few Roman mosaics depicting her might warm us up !

spring mosaic_Yorkshire museum
Yorkshire museum

The Romans loved to represent the four seasons as persons. Usually they would come with plants or occupations characteristic of the seasons. While Summer would present mature wheat, Autumn grapes, and winter bare branches and a warm coat ! Spring would often come with blooming flowers, birds,…

In Acholla, Tunisia, Spring is crowned with roses blossoms and holds a cornucopia

Spring mosaic - Acholla. Tunisia
Acholla, Tunisia

In Brittania’s Corinium (present day Cirencester) she wears a crown of fruits and berries. A thrush is sitting on her left shoulder

Spring mosaic : Corinium, UK
Corinium, UK

In Ostia Antica, the main port of Rome, Spring, here surrounded by a bright border of swastika, is crowned with Ivy and little birds. Here she is named “Ver”, which is a little surprising as this is often used to name Summer, It could also be the last remains of a “Primavera” which more often relates to Spring.

Ostia Antica

Sometimes Flora

At the Villa Baccano, Residence of the Emperor Septimus Severus – Spring, here also known as Flora, wears a golden torque, flowers and ivy leaves

Spring mosaic, Villa Baccano
Villa Baccano, Rome

Sometimes she flies…

On the Haidra four season mosaic from Tunisia, Spring represented as a winged Eros, is surrounded by blossoms of what looks like a pomegranate tree. This mosaic was gifted by the Tunisian government to the United Nations.

Spring mosaic from Haidra, Tunisia
Haidra, Tunisia

In the Palacio Lebrija in Sevilla Spain, Spring is crowned with red berries and flowers. This spring mosaics comes from Italica, the first Roman colony established out of the Italian peninsula.

Palacio Lebrija, Sevilla, Spain

Sometimes, Dionysos sneaks up on us…

Spring mosaics sometimes represent Dionysos or Bacchus riding a bull as he dies on the great mosaic of the seasons from St Romain en Gal. This piece visible at the Museum of National Archeology of Saint Germain en Laye

In the house of Bacchus in Complutum, (now Alcalá de Henares, near Madrid, Spain).Spring is wearing a crown of daisies

Casa de Bacco, Complutum, (Regional Archaeological Museum, Alcalá.)

And in Zliten, Libya, a resplendent Spring is winged like the eros of the Haidra mosaic. She is wearing a bushy crown of berries and flowers and holding a rose

Spring in Zliten, Libya


I wish you all a warm, flowery and happy Spring !

Spring flowers

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