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On Redbubble, high quality products derive from my mosaic creations and studies.

amba araddam floor pillow on sale at Redbubble
Amba Aradam floor pillow

The present Mosaic-Blues site is mostly dedicated to showcasing my own mosaics. It is designed for this particular purpose : Promoting my original works of Art.

On my Redbubble page you will find products derived from my original creations and from my study of ancient Art. Home decoration, Apparel, Office supplies…

Medusa mug sold on Redbubble
Medusa mug

This includes reproductions of not only Roman Art, Mosaics and Frescoes,

Pegasus mosaic bag from Cordoba sold on Redbubble
Bag with Pegasus mosaic (Cordoba)
Golden Oriole fresco I-phone case sold on Red bubble
Golden Oriole fresco Iphone case

but also the arts of Medieval and Renaissance periods, and occasionally Art Deco and Japanese Ukiyo-e.

Jonk Ukiyo-e mug sold on Redbubble
Jonk in the Rising sun Mug

As I particularly love actual Roman mosaics and Frescoes, I have been documenting them for several years. I do share with you some of the trips I do to archaeological sites and museums to see them in person…

Green Charioteer pillow pilllow on Redbubble
Green Charioteer mosaic pillow

Since I began documenting these ancient mosaics, I have been particularly interested in the geometric patterns used by ancient mosaicists.

swastiska_Lozenge pattern laptop sleeve on Redbubble
Laptop sleeve, mosaic floor, Chedworth, UK

They used them to either frame figurative scenes – classical mythology or scenes of real life – or by themselves for their often stunning effects.

Galla Placidia mausoleum mosaic comforter on Redbubble
Galla Placidia mosaic Comforter

I have spent lots of time trying to reproduce them to use them in my own work.

THeodora mosaic Pillow on Redbubble
Theodora mosaic Pillow

While I was documenting and reconstructing these patterns,  I realized they could be used in other types of graphic arts to decorate various objects.

Medusa mosaic, Diocletian's bath, coasters on Redbubble
Diocletian’s Medusa mosaic coasters

I decided to share some of the with the public, as well as using them to create beautiful and meaningful gifts more affordable than an original mosaic.

I looked for a company that would provide a high quality printing service to make them. I ended up choosing Redbubble, a company recommended by several artist friends. They market worldwide designs created by over 500,000 artists, making weirdly meaningful gifts like stickers, phone cases, dresses and pillows. You will find there really great stuff inspired by my work and the work of other artists.

I hope you enjoy the visit and opportunity to support my work.


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