Happy Hours

Happy Hours

Medium: stone, ceramic and glass on Wedi board
Size: 47 x 41 cm
Price: 850.00 Euros
Availability: Available

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Happy hours is a very bright medium size mosaic glorifying social drinking !

Although our taste for booze has typically been dismissed as an evolutionary accident, a closer look at history and archaeology reveals that it actually helped catalyze the rise of civilization. By reducing our stress, improving our moods, enhancing our creativity, and facilitating our ability to bond with others—in short, through relaxing our muscles and our minds—alcohol allowed otherwise fiercely individualistic and selfish primates like us to live together and cooperate in a manner more reminiscent of bees than honey-badgers.

Champagne glass cheers Vectors & Illustrations for Free Download | FreepikIn fact, archaeologists have suggested that various forms of alcohol were not merely a by-product of the invention of agriculture, but actually a motivation for it—that the first farmers were driven by a desire for beer, not bread.

With happy hours, I wanted to create a bright, festive and happy piece you could hang behind a bar and enjoy it while sharing drinks with good friends. Cocktail glasses, with very colorful drinks in them…

Cheers you’all

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