Lullingstone Europa

Lullingstone Europa

Lullingstone's Europa by Frederic Lecut
  • Medium: Ceramic on Panel
  • Size: 58 x 63 cm (23 x 25″
  • Price: 1,450.00 Euro
  • Availability: Available

Lullingstone’s Europa is a reproduction of a famous mosaic from the Lullingstone Roman Villa in the UK.

This particular mosaic represents the rapt of Princess Europa by Zeus, chief of the gods, disguised as a white Bull.

Here is an article about the Lullingstone’s mosaics from my MosaicBlues News blog, and about how I recreated its design, and built the mosaic in reverse method.

The rapt of europa by Zeus, work in process.

Around the mid 3rd century, Romano-British mosaicists began to develop a very unique graphic style, more primitive and impressionistic than other more classical styles of Roman mosaics. It makes me think of a resurgence of Celtic patterns or ways to represent things predating the Claudian invasion of England in the 1st century.

I am particularly fond of this style.

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