Catacomb Venus

Catacomb Venus

Catacomb Venus is inspired by a fragment of a drinking cup that had been incorporated in mortar to mark a spot in Roman catacomb. 

catacomb Venus, the original glass fragment

The piece can be seen at the Vatican Museum. the original is 12.7 cm in diameter. It used to be the bottom of a drinking cup. Dated from the 4th century AD, It is made of gilded glass : Gold leaf and possibly some light blue paint sandwiched between two layers of transparent glass.

It represents a Nereid riding a deer-headed hippocampus, under which is a fish; its border is of a simple but elegant design.

I found the scene and colors lovely ❤️ and wanted to see if I could reproduce this effect in mosaics. 😉

As usual, I built this mosaic upside down in Reverse Method.

catacomb venus work in process

The final piece is 31 x 31 cm. I have used a glass background to get the blue glass and gold stand out.

catacomb Venus on stone wall

Here displayed against a stone wall in my studio, it is a lovely piece ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Catacomb Venus, complete

Medium: Glass and Ceramic on Panel

Frame : painted Steel

Size: 31 x 31 cm
Price: 500 Euros
Availability: Available

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