Fun at Bee Auburn Mosaic Seminar

Introductory Mosaic Seminar

Many participants enjoyed building their first mosaic at the Bee Auburn Mosaic Seminar last Friday June 22, 2018 at the beautiful Auburn Arboretum.

Texas Red Star Hibiscus growing at the Auburn Arboretum
Texas Red Star Hibiscus at Auburn Arboretum


We had set up tables under the pavilion for the seminar due to start at 5:00 pm.

Participants showed up early and went to work :

a group of young artists
first group of young artists


The mosaics of geometrical types were built on fiberglass mesh, so they could later be mounted on various supports by the artists.

building a mosaic
early stage



First attempt at Mosaic Art

Many participants realized their first own mosaics during the event. Some of them completing pieces started and  abandoned by others less patient kids.

The mosaics were built on Fiberglass Mesh. This allows their later mounting on any kind of surface.

Most of them were designed in Opus Pixellatum – a technique I invented in 2016 to allow fast building of simple geometric mosaics, a perfect solution for introductory mosaic seminars.

Individual mosaic #2 built during the Mosaic Seminar
Individual mosaic #1


Individual Mosaic #3 built during the Mosaic Seminar
Individual Mosaic #2


individual mosaic built during the Bee Auburn mosaic seminar
Individual mosaic #3


The participants took their mosaics home to mount them on the support of their choice following the instructions of this video :


Read about this seminar the design and preparation of this Mosaic Workshop :

Read more about the seminar

Each year I lead a few Mosaic Workshops in Schools, Museums, during other events.  I can organize events for different types of audiences from beginners to professional mosaicists.


Curious about mosaic Seminars ? please …

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