Geometric Mosaic – Roman Tile 231 – Ostia Marina

Some Roman geometric mosaic patterns are quite common. Some are not ! You have to dig for days and weeks, and then you find something you had never met !

Today, from the house of the Skeleton in Ostia Marina, I bring you this uncommon geometric mosaic design !

Ostia Marina, reproduction of the Hallway mosaic.

The basic element for this geometric mosaic is :

Basic element of an Ostia Marina geometric mosaic
Basic Element – Ostia Marina mosaic

It is a rather intricate combination of squares, lozenges, triangles and octagons. Its design is quite complex and it has taken me a few hours to decipher it, and above all to adjust the dimensions of the different parts to fit the pattern !

You can create many designs by combining and colouring this element in the way tha better suits you.

Black and white is of course the preferred colors used in Ostia Antica.

Black and White reproduction of an Ostia Marina geometric mosaic
Black and White design
Bicolor reproduction of an Ostia Marina geometric mosaic
Gold and Blue design
Tri color reproduction of an Ostia Marina geometric mosaic design
Tri-color design


I described in a my previous post “Roman Tile – 001” how to generate designs from elementary geometric mosaic patterns I publish in this blog.

You can print these designs on various objects, such as these, available on my Mosaicblues printed stuff boutique

Socks printed with the pattern of the Ostia Marina mosaic.
Ostia Marina mosaic printed socks
Ostia Marina mosaic Mug
Regular coffee mug.


I would of course highly appreciate your support on this, but the main point of this post, and my studies of those roman geometric patterns, is to publish and release them for people to use them FREELY.

I use powerful softwares (GIMP and INKSCAPE) to generate these drawings. I downloaded them fro free and I really appreciate the effort people do create and maintain such wonderful tools. So I am happy to contribute to the world of free circulation of ideas by releasing these geometric patterns for every one to freely use.

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