The Griffin Minaudiere

The Griffin Minaudiere is inspired by actual two Roman mosaics built in very different parts of the empire.

The Griffin mosaic of Rhodes

This mostly black and white mosaic comes from the Acropolis of the city of Rhodes. It shows a mythical griffin and is built of small cubic tesserae set in mortar. The rest of the mosaic is made of small pebbles.

The Griffin mosaic of Rhodes

This technique is typical from 2nd half of 3rd century – 1st half of 2nd century AD. I the mosaic can be seen at the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

The Sea Panther mosaic at Fishbourne

The ‘Cupid on a Dolphin mosaic’ was laid in c. AD160 on top of an other mosaic in the Fishbourne Palace, the biggest Roman villa ever discovered in the UK, probably built by the governor of Britannia at the end of the 1st century.

Cupid on a Dolphin Mosaic

Cupid riding a dolphin with a trident in his hand is surrounded by sea horses and sea panthers, wine vases and scallop shells.

Sea Panther mosaic.

The dating of the floor’s construction was based on both the design and the date of the squares of red, samian pottery that had been used as tesserae.

The Griffin Minaudiere

With my Griffin Minaudiere I have tried to convey the fierceness and energy of the two mythical creatures.

The Griffin
The Sea Panther

Both mosaics are made of Ceramic, glass and gold smalti.

The metallic frame is Rose-gold, it measures 6 x 8″ (150 x 200 mm) and is lined with vegan leather and fabric.

The Griffin minaudiere will be available at a private sale late July or early August 2019.

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