Red Windrose

Red Windrose

Red Windrose mosaic

Medium: Stone and glass on Panel
Size: 12.5″ (31 cm) x 12.5″ (31 cm) x 1.5″ (4.5 cm)
Price: $320.00 USD
Availability: Available

One of a small series

Red Windrose is one of a series of small mosaics I built in 2007. Both pieces are made of marbles, travertines, granites and glasses.

They are inspired by the windroses decorating the compass of sailing ships (I used to sail a lot when I was a younger, and I miss the ocean)

Blue Windrose has been sold a while ago I suppose, for I cannot find her ! My studio is not that well organized…

Blue Windrose mosaic
Blue windrose


And so, Red windrose is now looking for a good home or even better a good ship to welcome her !

sailing boat

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