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MosaicBlues at East River

MosaicBlues scarves are at East River

I am so honored East River now carries some of my creations, beside the works of so many other talented artists and craftsmen.

For the past 5 years I have been traveling the late Roman empire to study, research and document Roman mosaics, with a particular interest for their amazingly intricate and elegant geometric patterns.

mosaic floor, Chedworth Villa

Chedworth Roman Villa, UK

Last year I started to create wearable art :  Silk Scarves and Minaudieres, inspired by these amazing designs.

Chedworth Villa inspired silk scarf

Chedworth Scarf


Villa au Grand Peristyle, Vieux la Romaine, 1st century Ad

Great Peristyle, Vieux la Romaine, 1st century


Great Peristyle Scarve

Great Peristyle Scarf

There are so many ways to wear a scarf!

Amba & Great Peristyle

Great Peristyle scarf - Headband

Great Peristyle

Great Peristyle scarf, tour du cou

Great Peristyle

Setif scarf by Charlotte Kaslin


Green Sapho Scarf modelled

Green Sapho


Scarves are available in two sizes and are the perfect addition to any outfit!

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