Mosaic Models

You can’t build mosaics ? Draw mosaic models !

MosaicBlues moves to France

After 30 years in Alabama, I decided to move back to France. there are many reasons for this move, but my granddaughter Rose is the most important !
Rose !
And then of course there are also the wine, food, Museums, Roman villae…

All packed !

I packed tools and tiles last September. They are nicely stacked in many boxes inside a shipping container, waiting for my house to sell to be shipped back home.
By the way, If you’d know anyone interested in a very nice house with a spacious mosaic studio and a Japanese house in its backyard…
Without tools or supplies it is not easy to build mosaics. I have been starved of it for a while; I will be for a while, and I really miss it !
Crying ladybug
And so I dream of my next pieces : I have been drawing mosaic models. I am building a sort of library of geometric patterns, and of figuratives used by Roman and Greek  mosaicists and painters.
Villa Romana del Casale, 4th century, Sicily
Casale Medallion_02_3 colors_600px.png

Mosaic catalogs

I am convinced that some of our ancestor mosaicists used some sort of catalogs,  books or scrolls of drawing and sketches, and I am thinking of recreating something like this, digitally for now, and possibly on paper later.  Nobody has ever found any of these hypothetical catalogs, but I have documented several instances where similar designs were used in very different times and places.
I also believe mosaicists shared these books with painters, and possibly that in some cases the painter and mosaicist in charge of decorating a new villa were the same person.
I have been working on repetitive geometric patterns for about 18 month now, and have used these to create scarves or other type of garments.
Chedworth Therms.png
Chedworth, 2nd century, Britain
Chedworth Scarf-02_600px.jpg
A scarf I designed based on this pattern
Some archaeologists worked on this already, on a strictly documentary way. My goal is to create documents that can actually be used to design AND make mosaics, or other things, fabrics, clothing, etc…
Amba aradam Angels_1_600px.png
2nd century floor of a Praetorian commander home in Rome
Amba Angels_01_Color-01_600px.png
The Aldoborough She wolf is probably the goofiest Roman mosaic ever. I smile every time I see her !
Aldbourough She-Wolf mosaic.jpg
I can imagine the master mosaicist telling his helper :
“Hey Caius, I need to go to the Pub talk to the architect, can you complete the wolf for me ? “
“Sure master , no problem, you know you can trust me!”

A Mosaic Bestiary

And a few animals from mosaics depicting Orpheus taming them with his music.



A Duck from Spello
Perugia Lion_600px.jpg
A lion from Perugia


Spello Stag.png
Tricolor fawn from Spello
So you have an idea of what is in the tube for MosaicBlues !
And soon I’ll tell you of my new passion for Greek vases…
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