The Wemberham mosaic

A Roman Cottage on the Ocean

A Roman villa was excavated west of Yatton, Somerset, UK in 1884. It lies very close to the Yeo river, in a large meadow called Wemberham. The site lies very close to the river and the eastern end of the foundations abuts on its embankment. Actually, without a sea wall, it would be flooded at most high tides. The embankment must, therefore, have been built in the Roman times. The house itself is small, covering an area of 65 by 150 feet, but is not devoid of comfort and elegance.

One room was floored with an elaborate mosaic of foliated geometrical pattern in red, white and greyish blue.

drawing of the Wemberham Roman Villa floor mosaic
Wemberham Villa mosaic floor

The archaeologists originally called the mosaic a Christian one, as the central panel of foliation somewhat resembles a cross. The same feature however occurs elsewhere, and it appears to be merely ornamental.

This design is a combination of several basic designs :

  • Some purely geometric
  • Some curvy ones reminiscent of vegetation.

I recreated several of these designs :

basic geometric design, Wemberham mosaic.


flower nasic design, Wemberham mosaic
Small diagonal flower


Wemberham mosaic, center quadrant.
Center Quadrant


Wemberham mosaic, sprawling vine basic design
Sprawling vines


Double square Hexadecagon

The whole mosaic is composed of 4 similar quarters.

Each quarter is a combination of the above elementary designs

By rotating each quarter by 90 degrees and combining them, you recreate the whole Wemberham mosaic :

wemberham mosaic outline
The Wemberham mosaic

Then you can play with colors…

You can generate many different designs from the elements of the Wemberham mosaic. Colored design #1 based on Wemberham mosaic

design # 2 inspired by the Wemberham mosaic

I actually picked one particular color palette to create a face mask and other objects inspired by this mosaic.

Wemberham mosaic face mask
Face mask


To find additional merchandise (Shirts, socks, phone cases, etc…) printed with this design (or others)

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Feel free to use my designs for your own creations

As usual, you are welcome to use the sketches on this page. It is free ! You can also use other geometric designs available on to create your own designs and merchandise.

Have fun !




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