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I will launch in 2019 two lines of products derived from my own mosaics and inspired by ancient Roman mosaics and frescoes. (I will soon expand about this little secret. I have been working on this for several month, and am almost ready… Surprise !)

Medusa Silk Scarf
Medusa Silk scarf with printed 2017 logo.

While there is no real need for a logo when it comes to actual mosaics, I want to incorporate one to these products.

2 different scripts

For the past few years I had used a cursive logo, and I have used it on several prototypes.

Mosaicblues Cursive Logo
2017 Mosaicblues logo

Some people having difficulties to read it, I create 8 different logos, based on 2 different scripts, and asked a number of people their preferences.

8 drafts for a Mosaicblues logo

Logo # 8 easily won the race with 76 % of the race, # 1 came second with 14 % and the rest of them got marginal scores… Basically the 2 things you liked in logo # 8 are :

  • a script font easier to read than the cursive one
  • the mosaic like pattern.

And this is how you will see in 2019 some new Mosaicblues art bearing this new logo.

2019 MosaicBlues logo

Thank you for your help !

Mosaic model for the above Gazelle

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