Ubi tu Gaius

Ubi tu Gaius

Medium: Stone on Panel
Size: 14″ (35 cm) x 46″ (115 cm) x 2″ (5 cm)
Price: $2,600.00 USD
Availability: Sold

The Roman Marriage Vows. A great wedding Present !

In Roman times, the vows exchanged by the spouses were for the Wife : “Ubi tu Gaius, Ego Gaia” (Wherever you are Gaoius, I shall be Gaia), to which the Husband would answer : “Ubi to Gaia, Ego Gaius” (Wherever you are Gaia, I am Gaius). The Roman wedding was actually quite an egalitarian institution.

This piece, built according to the Reverse Method, is made of 8 different materials : Black Granite, Beige Travertine, and 6 different ceramics for the outside “Guilloche” border


First days of laying


Ready for Thinset. Cutting the letters was not an easy task…


The Complete piece under the sun of Alabama Fall


Finally, installation in France with my brother Jose, January 2013

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