Carola Septima (Severa)

Severa – Carola Septima

Medium: Stone and glass on Panel
Size: 66″ (1675 cm) x 26″ (651 cm) x 1.5″ (38 mm)
Price: $4,000.00 USD
Availability: Available

Why Severa ?

Carola Septima, or SEVERA is the 7th (septime) portrait of the eyes of the enigmatic Carola. I completed her early in 2019 and for some unknown reason (I suspect the pandemic was one of them) I had never published her.

First tsage of the creation of the model of Carola
Severa, posterized & desaturated

I had been willing to use a very different palette on one of my Carolas. On this one I used 3 greys, white, black and red. I wanted to work from something sober (black, white and greys) which I would enliven with red and gold.

Carola Septima - mosaic portrait
Severa’s model, colorized.

I added a classical entrelac border, in slightly warmer, earthy tones.

the model of Carola Spetima, framed by a classical entrelac border.
Carola Septima model, bordered

I dropped many gold speckles (Should I have have named her Danae?) to add joy and light to her stare. And went to work.

Carola Septima on the bench

The rays of gold, symbols of thunder of wealth, are made of bronze rods and gold foil. I added them after the whole piece had been flipped and completed.

The Carola Series

Carola Septima is part of my series of Carolas I completed in 2019.

Carola Sexta – almost complete…

Carola Quinta

Blue Carole's eyes mosaic
Blue Carole

Carola Octavia's Eyes.
Carola’s Eyes – Livia  or Octavia

Carole’s eyes

Timeo Danaos Carole's Eyes Mosaic
Timeo Danaos

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