Livia – Carola Octavia

Livia is the eighth of my series of portraits of the eyes of the mysterious Carole.

Mysteriously enough, I am still to complete number 6 and 7… That will come in time.

I have tried with this series to come up with various methods to treat the same portrait.

I designed the original model of Carole’s Eyes in Opus Pixellatum.

and I used the same basic pixellatum pattern to create the next models …

I varied the treatment of the theme by changing backgrounds and colors, adding foregrounds…

With Livia, I decided to use 2 different hues Blue and Gold – on the same portrait, in areas delimited by (fake) cracks in the mosaic…

To keep the Roman Gods of mosaic happy, I used a classical Greek svastiska freeze pattern as a border for the portrait.

And there came Livia.



Livia Drusilla (30 January 59 BC – 28 September 29 AD), wife and adviser of Roman emperor Octavius Augustus

Livia (Carola Octavia)

Medium: Glass mosaic on Panel
Size: 49″ (123 cm) x 22″ (56 cm) x 1.5″ (4.5 cm)
Price: $4,800.00 USD
Availability: Available

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