Medium: mosaic on Vedi Board
Size: 25″ (63 cm) x 21″ (53 cm) x 1.5″ (4.5 cm)
Price: $3,600.00 USD
Availability: Sold

Portrait of a young talented musician

Luana is the mosaic portrait of a young talented musician. Its composition is inspired by Alessandro Boticelli’s famous painting “Primavera”.

Detail of Primaverra painting by Sandro Botticelli

From a (hard to get) picture of my model.

She is also the sister of Carlotta.

Original picture for Luana's mosaic portrait

I designed a medieval type background that would better fit the mosaic medium.

Model for Luana's mosaic portrait

Then I sprinkled her hair and robe with flowers …

On September 3rd, I started to lay the first tessera in my Alabama workshop …

On October 9, I had used about 30 different types of materials, mostly glassy ones.

Luana was 90 % complete !

Luana mosaic is being built on the bench

On October 16, I lifted Luana from her printed model.

Because Luana was built on a mesh, here you can see what she will actually look like when complete.

Luana is built according to the reverse method. If she had been built without the mesh, I would not have been able to lift her from the printed model, but I would have set her directly in concrete. This mesh allowed me to transport her to France.

After a pleasant flight, Luana arrived in Saint Valery sur Somme on December 17.

Here she rests on a bench in the new French Mosaicblues studio.

On December 20, after I had set her in concrete… I finally unveiled Luana.

First time to see her lovely face on her final support …

Finally, on Christmas Eve, the Model and the Mosaic met !

And posed for posterity …

The Luana Mosaic Video : From Design to Delivery

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