Cursive Michi

Cursive Michi

Cursive MIchi mosaic

Medium: mosaic on Cement backing board
Size: 15″ – 38 cm x 14″ – 36 cm x 2″ – 5 cm
Price: $450.00 USD
Availability: Available

Cursive Michi Calligraphy

Do, Michi, Tao, can be translated as “The Way” as in Judo, the way of flexibility, or Kendo, the way of the sword.

I have realized several semi cursive “Michi” mosaic signs.

This particular one is inspired by a Cursive script of it.

Japanese Calligraphy : Cursive MIchi - The Way - Symbol

Over the centuries, Chinese and Japanese Calligraphers have developed several very different styles of writing.

The cursive script (sometimes called “grass script”, 草書) is a fully cursive one, with drastic simplifications of the regular script.

Entire characters may be written without lifting the brush from the paper at all, and characters frequently flow into one another. Strokes are modified or eliminated completely to facilitate smooth writing and to create a beautiful, abstract appearance.

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