Blue Carole

Blue Carole

Medium: mosaic on Cement backing board
Size: 18″ – 45 cm x 49″ – 123 cm x 2″ – 5 cm
Price: $5,300.00 USD
Availability: Available

Blue Carole is the second piece in a series of mosaic portraits of the same beautiful and enigmatic Carole. The whole series is realized on the basis of a same Opus Pixellatum model.  Different pieces are created by changing the ways the whole model is followed.  From an original model designed in Black and White tones, I created Blue Carole by switching to a Blue scale of tiles.

Blue Carole and Carole’s Eyes


Opus Pixellatum

Opus Pixelatum is a mosaic technique I invented in 2015. It allows to create very different mosaics from a same model. The printed model used to build the mosaic is similar in its principle to a sheet music that precisely describes a musical piece. Different musicians can play the same tune in different ways, but a listener should always recognize the overall melody.  Many different mosaics can be created from a same Opus Pixellatum model but a viewer should always recognize the underlying pattern.

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