I was inspired by the drawing of a 7th century clay plate from the ancient town of Arkades or Arkadia in Crete, in the book “The Goddess and the Warrior” by archaeologist Nanno Marinatos

the original Arkades drawing

I created a drawing from it with different types of borders.

Arkades model, Black and White
Black and White model

Arkades, colored model
Colored model

I used the traditional colors for people featured on Aegean vases : White skin for women, Dark skin for men.

As usual, I laid Arkades upside down in reverse method.

Arkades being laid in reverse method
Beginning layout

On top of it swims “Big Fish”, inspired by a roman mosaic of Oceanos displayed at the Archaeological museum of St Romain en Gal, and above it the fish tail of “Catacomb Venus” in its early stages of realization.

Medium: Glass and Ceramic on panel

Frame : Painted Steel
Size: 37 x 37 cm (14 1/2 x 14 1/2″)
Price: 580 Euros
Availability: Available

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Gallo-Roman medallion