Mosaic model of the week – Lugdunum 01

The big geometric mosaic at Lugdunum

One of the many gorgeous Roman mosaics displayed at the Lugdunum museum in Lyon is a huge geometric one. Its center, encased by a border of leafy spirals, is composed of 7 rows of 13 square medallions, separated by lines of smaller geometric figures.

The great geometric mosaic.

I took pictures of all those individual squares last October and started working on them. I am little by little reproducing each design to create models for possible mosaics.

Little by little I am building a catalog like the ones I am convinced antic mosaicists and painters had available for their patrons to chose patterns to decorate their floors and walls.

This week I bring you the first of them :

LGGM_01 within the great Lugdunum
Lugdunum great geometric mosaic_01


a black and white drawing of the LGGM_01 medallion of the Lugdunum great geometric mosaic
LGGM_01, Black and White mosaic model
The colored version of the 1st medallion of the great geometric mosaic.
LGGM_01_ Colored mosaic model


I built those drawings using the 2 pieces of software GIMP and Inkscape which you can freely download and use.

Free circulation of tools and ideas

I am a firm believer in the free circulation of tools and ideas, all of them. Theories, drawings, are tools we use to understand the world around us. In the past 3 month I have seen big internet companies hijack images that used to be in the public domain to sell them to you when you search for them. IT is very similar to water companies hijacking spring water that used to be free for all in order to sell it to you. This irritates me and we should not tolerate it.

I am able to document and archive wonderful patterns that were created millennia ago by our ancestors, because I can use powerful programs which did not have to purchase. And I will give them away for free to anybody that won’t use them for resell.

You are welcome to use my drawings for your own creations

If you do so, i would appreciate you mentioning their provenance, but you do not have to.

If you need higher resolution of them, please contact me

Stay tuned for the next 33 patterns…


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