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Timeo Danaos Carole's Eyes Mosaic

Medium: Glass and Smalti on Panel
Size: 52″ (130 cm) x 27″ (67 cm) x 1.5″ (4.5 cm)
Price: $5,900.00 USD
Availability: Available


Timeo Danaos is the third in my Series of Carole’s Mosaic Eyes

In this series of mosaic eyes portraits 3 different techniques :

jointly bring depth and mystery to the mosaic as well as into the mind of the spectator.

Opus Pixellatum

Opus Pixellatum, a technique I invented in 2015, allows to create very different mosaics from a same model. The printed model used to build the mosaic is similar in its principle to a sheet music.  Different musicians can play the same tune in different ways, but a listener should always recognize the overall melody.  Many different mosaics can be created from a same Opus Pixellatum model but a viewer should always recognize the underlying pattern. Here below are the four other Carole’s mosaic eyes I produced so far, more will follow as I keep experimenting with the variations allowed by these techniques.

The Other Caroles

Carole's Eyes

Carole’s Eyes

Blue Carole

Carola Quinta mosaic eyes portrait

Carola Quinta

Additional Information

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