Quadricolor Meander Border

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  • Stunning rendition of the Author in the last Episode of Pirates of the Carribean
  • Quadricolor Meander Border used on the Birds mosaic, Italica, Spain
  • Quadricolor Meander Border, Mosaics of the BIrds, Italica, Spain.

Quadricolor Meander Border


FREE Model of a Quadricolor meander mosaic border.

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Free Download : Roman Mosaic Border

This Meander mosaic border is the second Roman geometric border I publish in this blog. I record these geometric patterns during my travels to Europe to research and document Roman mosaics. Back in the US, I create on computer patterns and templates allowing to accurately reproduce some of the intricate and amazing geometric designs of these beauties.

I have created 2 methods to generate these borders,

  • The Graphic Method uses graphic files
  • The Analytical Method uses a Spreadsheet.

The Graphic method will be more familiar to graphic artists, the analytical one is a non traditional use of spreadsheet and may sound a little odd to use, but is actually much more accurate and not that difficult to learn.

This quadricolor meander mosaic border can be seen on the Mosaic of the Birds in Italica, Spain.

Quadricolor Meander mosaic border, Mosaics of the BIrds, Italica, Spain.

Mosaic of the Birds, Italica, Spain


It is a simple square meanders border made of black, dark sienna, yellow and beige lines.

Quadricolor Meander mosaic border used on the Birds mosaic, Italica, Spain

Quadricolor Meander Border


It is composed of 8 elements :

  • 4 angles
  • 4 segments
Download for free the Graphic files needed to build such a border and use it around your mosaics or other graphic project.

Download Model Graphic FIles

Here is a video explaining how to build a border from the Graphic files

You can also download a Spreadsheet (Microsoft XL format) which will allow you to create the same border.

Download Spreadsheet

And here is the video explaining how to build a border from the spreadsheet file

I will keep publishing files that will allow you to create models of Roman mosaic Borders, Backgrounds or Figurative designs based on my documenting Roman mosaics during my travels to the old World.

If you chose to download and use them, I would be very thankful if you could somehow mention you got them from me.

Thank you


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