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Wearing face masks is one way we can stay safer and show we care for our community.

I have created many models inspired by

  • Roman Mosaics
  • Roman Frescoes
  • My Own Mosaics
  • Japanese Art
  • Other Cool stuff.

Click on themask you like to be directed to my RedBubbles boutique. Other objects are usually available for each of my designs.

Masks inspired by own Mosaics

Miriam mosaic Facemask
Mariam mosaic Facemask
Mariam is Miriam’s twin sister

Afghan Girl mosaic facemask

Afghan Girl

Yezidi 27 mosaic portrait facemask
Yezidi 27


Red Veil mosaic portrait facemask
Red Veil
Sean Connery mosaic portrait facemask
Sean Connery


Maribel Verdue mosaic portrait facemask
Veiled Black and White woman mosaic portrait facemask
Veiled B&W
Baobab tree mosaic by frederic lecut facemask
Sunset Baobab


Pavlovnia crest mosaic facemask
Pavlonia Crest
PPOmegranate tree mosaic facemask
Pomegranate Tree
Red Windrose mosaic facemask
Red Wind Rose
Blue Windrose mosaic face mask
Blue Windrose
CUrsive Michi mosaic facemask
Cheetah cub mosaic facemask
Cheetah Cub
Lio's portrait mosaic facemask
Quetzal mosaic facemask
Rising sun mosaic facemask
Rising Sun
Mdusa mosaic by Frederic Lecut facemask
Green Boddhisatva mosaic facemask
Green Boddhisatva
Golden Boddhisatva mosaic facemask
Gold Boddhisattva
Christoe Byzantine mosaic facemask
Carole's eyes mosaic portrait facemask
Carola’s Eyes
Golden Tai Chi mosaic facemask
Tai Chi

Masks inspired by original Roman Mosaics or Roman geometric patterns I recreated.

Some of these are reproduction of actual Roman mosaics. Others are my own rendition of geometric patterns used by Roman mosaicists. I research, document  and reproduce these remarkable design to use them in my own mosaics or in other graphic projects.

Radiant Medusa facemask
Radiant Medusa
amba Aradam mosaic floor pattern facemask
Amba Aradam
Acholla mosaic floor geometric pattern facemask
Acholla Mask
Lalonquette mosaic floor geometric pattern facemask
Blue Chariot mosaic floor facemask
Blue Chariot
Green Charioteer mosaic facemask
Green Chariot
Red Charioteers mosaic facemask
Red Chariot
Rexz Romaine mosaic floor geometric pattern facemask
Rez Romaine
Setif (Algeria) mosaic floor geometric pattern facemask
Justinian Emperor Byzantine mosaic portrait facemask
Empress Theodora mosaic portrait facemask
Vesontio mosaic floor geometric pattern facemask
Wemberham (UK) mosaic floor facemask
Medusa – Palencia
Medusa Piraeus Facemask
Medusa – Piraeus
Bath of Diocletian Medusa mosaic facemask
Medusa – Diocletian
Lozenges & Swastiska
Ktisis goddess mosaic facemask
Chedworth mosaic floor geometric pattern facemask
Chedworth tricolor mosaic floor geometric pattern facemask
Chedworth 01
Autumn mosaic (Sevilla) facemask
Great Peristyle mosaic Facemask
Great Peristyle
Blue Galla Placidia Facemask
Blue Galla
Beige Galla Placidia Facemask
Beige Galla
Cherchell mosaic facemask

Masks inspired by Roman frescoes.

Golden Oriole Fresco
golden oriole fresco facemask
Black Bird Fresco
Iphigenia facemask
Red Sapho facemask
Red Sapho

Other Masks

flying pigs facemask
Flying Pigs
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