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Mosaic Blues vend et fait la promotion des créations et activités de Frédéric Lecut, artiste mosaiste.

Réalisation de mosaïques et services en art mosaiste : mosaïques personnalisées, organisation de séminaires et d’événements,  services de conceptions personnalisée, séminaires de formation et organisation de projets communautaires.

Frédéric crée ses mosaïques dans ses 2 studios en Alabama et en France et les exporte dans le monde entier.

Inspiré par l’Art des Maîtres d’antan, je crée mes mosaïques dans le respect des techniques et des matériaux qu’ils utilisaient. Quand je coupe ou pose mes tesselles, je deviens l’un d’eux. Au-delà du temps, je suis en communion avec eux. Et quand j’examine l’une de mes œuvres achevées, j’espère qu’ils l’approuveraient.

Mon travail consiste à inspirer les gens.
J’utilise la mosaïque pour ça.

Frederic Lecut


Le sens de notre vie est de trouver notre don. Le but de notre vie est de le partager.

Pablo Picasso


Sales of Existing Mosaics

Many mosaics are available at my studios in Alabama or in France. Most of them are visible on my Website. If a client is interested by a piece the price is listed on the website, contact me for the shipment and lets go from this.

Mosaic Commissions

The mosaic you saw on the website is no longer available ? You would like the same piece , only bigger or would like a different border ? You want a portrait of your parents or your child ? Contact me, I will work from your picture, realize a draft for you and once we’re agreed I will build the mosaic for you.

Custom Mosaic Patterns

You want to realize your own mosaic but do not know how to build a model ? Whether you want to build yourself a portrait of your dog, or need the model for a world class hotel lobby I will build the model for you based on your specification and will help you in your choice of materials to realize the piece.

Educations, Classes and Seminars

This is mostly aimed at confirmed amateur mosaic artists. I will train you in Opus Pixellatum, and provide advice for your own experimentation with this technique. There are countless possible variations. They are just here for you to try them. I’ll guide and assist you on this fascinating journey of discovery.

Community Projects

Mosaics are an amazing medium to bring adults or kids to work together on a project to beautify their community. I have worked on several of them in Alabama, where every participants built a small personal mosaic which was then incorporated in a bigger piece. This kind of projects is a wonderful opportunity for people of various horizons, races and orientations to meet and work together. I will assist you in the technical as well as organizational aspects of this kind of project.

Sales of Derivatives

Some of my mosaics can be printed on Paper or Canvas, T-shirts, mugs or other supports and can be ordered through our boutique.


An ancient tradition of Mosaics

Magnificent mosaics adorned the floors, walls and ceilings of the glorious villas and public buildings of the Roman Empire. Across millenia these splendors tell us of the lives, loves and deaths of our ancestors.

Mosaics are a work of love and sweat. Each tessera – the little piece of stone, ceramic or glass which compose my mosaics – is painstakingly cut and laid on its support.

For the past 2500 years, the greatest mosaicists created their Chef d’oeuvre with infinite patience, accuracy and passion ! It takes much, much more time to create a mosaic than it would take to create a fresco of similar design.

Inspired by their Art, I create in the respect of the techniques and materials they used. When I cut or lay my work, I become one of them. Beyond time, I am in communion with them. And when I look at one of my completed pieces, I’d like to think they would approve of it.